Jim Murray (previously trading as White Box Ltd. )
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  • First computer program written in 1964 while reading Physics at Imperial College. (Elliott 803 based simulation of physical system.)
  • 1967/68 Smiths Industries. Commercial programs and technical simulations. (Emidec/ICT 1101).
  • 1968 - 1973 Series of software houses, ICL, BARIC(Barclays/ICL), Logabax writing commercial and technical applications, normally in assembler languages.
  • 1973 - 1978 US based software house, Online Decisions International Inc. (OLDII). Five years business simulation models. Operational models of large businesses. Simulations of shop-floor operations, projected onto P&L, Cash-flow and Balance sheet models.
  • 1978 Formed my own company, White Box Ltd, which I ran and operated through until 2013 when I passed it on to a younger group who have extended its operation into music and video production