Lockdown creative gardening Project 4

Round the garden , sycamores pop up like weeds and even a visitor from Natural England said we should do something about them. I decided to top three that were shading where we didn’t want shade. They weren’t so big , only six inches or so in diameter. So project 4 which then turned into project 4++.

One down , 2 to go – just the skinny ones
OK – tops off
Then with the tops off came the bright idea – why not use the trunks as the basis of a swing. that’s when project 4 turned into project 4++
So I got a nice big beam to put across the trunks as a crossbar. The thing would have been to work out the weight of the beam BEFORE deciding to use it . When it was delivered I reckoned it was about 50 or 60 Kg. Never mind – ropes and ladders should do it.
Up it goes
Finally , secured with steel rods bolted through the beam and the trunks. The baggy thing is for the smaller grandkids to climb into and swing.
The thing is – the swing shows how high the wild roses are growing. The crossbar is about 3.3m high – say 10ft , so the roses must be nearly 30ft up.