Songs of war

Here are two songs on the effects of war , occasioned by Putin’s war against Ukraine

Leading From Behind - solo
Leading From Behind. Nobody to blame for this one except me.

Broken Blossoms / Bloody War
r preceded by a fragment of When This Bloody War Is Over. When This Bloody War Is Over is a song of the First World War , and was in Joan Littlewood’s Oh What A Lovely War, but I know it from the singing of Bob Davenport.
Broken Blossoms On The Field Of War is from the singing of Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien.
I recorded this song some time ago with The Too Good To Hurry band – me, Alex Szyszkowsky, Dave Wooldridge, Lis Stewart and Christine Dyer then re-recorded myself for the video and re-mixed it (if you’re interested).