Some with the Too Good To Hurry Band: Alex Szszkowski, Dave Wooldridge, Lis Stewart and Chris Dyer and some with son Luke

Bogey’s Bonny Belle
Bunch of Thyme. I added verses at the beginning and the end. Oh yes – then I changed the tune. Other than that it’s the old traditional version.
Leading From Behind - solo
A homebrew – Leading From Behind, Putin et al.
Broken Blossoms / Bloody War
Broken Blossoms (on the field of war) With the virtual Too Good To Hurry Band: Alex Szyszkowski, Dave Wooldridge, Lis Stewart and Chris Dyer
The Hedgehog Pie by Tommy Armstrong – me , myself and I courtesy of lockdown
The Schoolboard Man
Here’s a bit of daftness – Tommy Armstrong meets Tommy Cooper at the Davy Lamp Folk Club in Washington – helped by Stu Luckley and brother Phil Murray
I’ve heard of a man , a most terrible man , I wonder just who it can be – you may guess but I can’t possibly say. Anyway he’s gone now.
Ordinary Man, Long story about a couple of ex Vietnam GIs I met in America. They and their ancestors had started as ordinary men until they had guns thrust upon them.
No God Or King. Outdated anachronisms
A recording made by my friend Jerry Stockbridge at Imperial College in 1965 of a thankfully rare attempt, not to be repeated, at Backwater Blues
Just a few more samples from the TGTH band
Wear The Colours (Gwen's song)
Our best friend Gwen died, and I wrote these words to play at the funeral service, accompanied by son Luke